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Please see photos, painted up as Dark Angels, my favorite chapter. Models are metal and may contain lead.
Please see my other items I'm happy to combine shipping.
I've had these for a lot of years and downsizing so time to move them on.
I used to work for games workshop back in the early 2000s initially on the picking floor back in the days when staff could buy metal by weight, then on the phones dealing with stores and customers and trying to navigate the priam system back when it was F keys and a yellow and blue screen.
The uniform for the picking floor if I remember correctly was green shirts with a yellow aquila symbol, for telesales it changed to a dark navy blue with a red trim on the sleeves and neckline. I was hoping to find these shirts to photo for my listings but they seem to have been lost to the warp
I was interviewed drunkenly in bugman's bar by a drunken manager called Mark Edwards who I believe then went on to British Tobacco.
Anyway it was a fun few years, winging rules queries on the mail order troll line.
I also used to go to college with Gary Morley's son who lived not far from a 2nd hand wargaming shop called P.O.P. industries in Basford, Nottingham. I visited his house quite a few times and remember playing as dark eldar vs black templars.
During that time I picked up quite a few rare and unreleased minis. Some I have bought at trade events since then and probably a few off ebay itself.
I'll post anywhere in the world. Please ask any questions to

rogue trader exo turtle prototype MK2 terminators x3 metal 40K citadel

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